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What's New?

Welcome all! I'm going to be revamping my webpage soon so stay tuned! I'm orientating the new design to be less graphics heavy, becuase I found out that I have just too much trafic and it crashes often...*sigh* Is that a good or a bad thing? P.S. Sign my guestbook


GOOD NEWS: I'm going to be revamping my site soon...that means I might be adding more midis & what not...Also you can now download all the midis in one big *.Zip file!

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If you decide to use any of the midis  from my page, Please put a link back to mine. I'm not that fussy, A text link will do, but I'd prefer it if you would use one of my banners/buttons. If you wish to use my graphics, (i.e. back/next buttons, "your message has been sent" image, my background, or title images, the  animated jewel gif etc.) you must ask my permission first. If I come across a WebPage that has my graphics and I have not given permission to do so. I will know, and I will be very angry...

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